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Euroanaesthesia in Barcelona, Spain


Anestesia Mérida in Yucatán, México


17th World Congress of Anesthesiologists in Prague, Czech Republic

Spine surgery – Opioid free analgesia

As we can see on the following video, recorded in Spain by our Chief Medical Officer, different drugs are used in different pumps so we can titrate them individually. Here, therer is a high ANI (here 85/83) because the nociceptive stimulus is controlled thanks to our technology. It allows us to have a low adrenergic response which is… View Article
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ANI lecture by DR. Marusa Naranjo

  On Monday the 4th of March, a lecture on “The importance of a Sympathetic/Parasympathetic balance in anesthesia management” was given by Dr. Marusa Naranjo at the Anesthesiology College of Mexico. This seminar had a live audience and was also recorded for a “Facebook Live” session. If you want to see this lecture, watch it here… View Article
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