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After 23 years of research, the CIC-IT of Lille University Hospital has developed a patented technology able to monitor the surgical stress experienced by a patient, conscious or unconscious. MDoloris Medical SystemsTM is the first worldwide company to be able to provide clinicians continuous and non-invasive surgical stress monitoring medical devices of the patient’s parasympathetic tone.

Managing analgesia with our devices avoids and prevents the side effects such as analgesia overdosing, post-op acute pain, and further health complications. With MDoloris monitor guidance, clinical investigations have shown that patients wake up faster with lower pain scores.

A global key player in the
management of analgesia

MDoloris Medical SystemsTM is present in 78 countries
and has more than with more than 4000 devices in the field
benefiting over 400 000 patients worldwide.

A history
of success

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The ISO 13485 standard sets out requirements regarding the organization of a quality management system. It recognizes the ability of MDoloris Medical SystemsTM to provide products and processes in compliance with regulatory requirements. It also ensures that everything is implemented daily to optimize the safety of marketed devices, from conception to obsolescence of its products.

ISO 13485 certified

We have successfully obtained CE mark approval under MDR 2017/745 regulation for our ANI-MRTM module.

MDR Compliant

Our Team

Denis Santos


Fabien Pagniez

Founder & CEO

Ignacio Gonzalez


Betty Moncada

Director of Americas

Julien Legrand


Lizia Dakhmouche

Regulatory Affairs Manager

Robin Ziemianin

Quality Manager

Yamani Madjid

Production Manager

Yann Michel

R&D Manager