Lecture at Euro Neuro : Optimizing anesthesia is the key for brain homeostasis

09 Nov 2018

From the 7th to the 9th of November, Euro Neuro 2018 was in Brussels and Mdoloris was there to present our Analgesia Nociception Index and the monitors using this technology.

During this event, Dr Francisco Lobo, who is a Portuguese Anesthesiologist, gave a lecture titled “Optimizing anesthesia is the key for brain homeostasis”.

He was explaining how surgical stimulation provokes a change in the autonomous nervous system. Indeed, it increases the sympathetic activity over the parasympathetic which causes an adrenergic response that leads to the activation of the inflammatory system with the withdrawal of interleukins.
The interleukins are then provoking an acute pain post operation and in midterm cognitive distinction for elderly patients.
To illustrate his sayings, he used the validation study written by Funcke (Funcke S et al. Anesthesiology, 2017) about how the ANI monitor is able to detect that stimulation better than any other parameter and concluding the Nociception Analgesia Balance is important to prevent cognitive disfunction.

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