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How is the ANI value obtianed?

The phenomenon of respiratory sinus arrhythmia causes a difference in milliseconds between consecutive R waves of the ECG. These time variations are plotted obtaining a tachogram, which is then analysed through the spectral analysis of fast wavelet transformation. This allows filtration of the high frequencies (HF) of the tachogram, related only to parasympathetic activity, which… View Article
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New veterinary manual by Dr. Ignacio Sández

Congratulations to Dr. Ignacio Sández Cordero for the completion of his new book “Manual clínico de monitorización anestésica en pequeños animals”, a new veterinary manual in both Spanish and English that details the monitoring in small animals during anesthesia. The book also discusses measuring nociception in pets with MDoloris PTA (Parasympathetic Tone Activity) technology and its effects in… View Article
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Webinar: Importancia de monitorizar el SNA en Quirófano y UCI

No se pierdan nuestro último webinar sobre Importancia de monitorizar el SNA en Quirófano y UCI. Éste fue organizado para México y coordinado por la Dra. Marusa Naranjo, donde la Dra. Olga Aquino Tamayo explica como el Monitor ANI ayuda a optimizar el manejo anestésico y el Dr. Enrique Monares Zepeda explica el uso y aplicaciones del Monitor… View Article
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MDoloris on the BBC

Watch this exclusive report presented by the BBC regarding MDoloris Medical Systems ANI technology, used in two hospitals in Spain to monitor critically ill Covid19 patients in the ICU. Dr. Christian Aragon and Dr. Carlos Chamorro explain how the ANI monitors are used to help ICU staff in their fight against the virus by measuring… View Article
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XXI Congreso Nacional de Neonatología

MDoloris y Grupo Viasis invitamos a todos los médicos asistentes al XXI Congreso Nacional de Neonatología, organizado por la Federación Nacional de Neonatólogos de México a participar el día Miércoles 24 de Febrero en el Taller Virtual: Monitoreo del Dolor en UCIN coordinado por el Dr. Raúl Villegas, del Hospital Infantil de México. En este… View Article
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Webinar: Herramienta de Monitoreo para el Control de la Respuesta Autonómica en el Quirófano y Terapia Intensiva

Conduit Life y MDoloris Medical Systems invitan a todos Anestesiólogos y Médicos Intensivistas a participar en el Webinar Gratuito: Herramienta de Monitoreo para el Control de la Respuesta Autonómica en el Quirófano y Terapia Intensiva. Ponentes : Dra. Marusa Naranjo, Clínica Mérida / TIVA América – Coordinadora Dr. Enrique Monares Zepeda, Hospital General de México –… View Article
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New Study: Video games favors the cure of children with cancer

Prof. Francisco Reinoso, chief of anesthesia of Hospital La Paz performed this important study using the ANI (analgesia nociception index) technology by MDoloris Medical Systems to prove that video games improve pain associated with mucositis in children. Prof. Francisco Reinoso, jefe de anestesia del Hospital Infantil La Paz ha realizado este importante estudio utilizando la… View Article
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MDoloris podcast at TopMedTalk

Check out our first TopMedTalk podcast below with our CEO Fabien Pagniez, Professor Monty Mythen, and Desiree Chappell. In this first-of-its-kind podcast linking the TMT team up with their industry sponsors, you can hear how MDoloris Medical systems came about, our journey so far, our novel technologies, and where we are headed in the future…. View Article
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