Lecture on the dark side of opioid

23 Feb 2022

A fantastic lecture on The dark side of the opioid organized in conjunction with SEDAR and SAR Madrid was given by Prof. Sergio Bergese from Stony Brook Hospital in New York. In the lecture he explained that we don’t need only to avoid underdosing and overdose but it’s also important to administrate the right dose at the right moment. That is why it’s very important to measure the response of the autonomic nervous system. With ANI Technology, you are able to detect nociception measuring the ANS so you can take control of surgical stress , improving the results postoperatively. We would like to also thank the Dr. Javier García Fernández, president of SEDAR for his insightful lecture about how they are always facilitating and enhancing the scientific and research development of anesthesiologists in Spain.


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