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Effectiveness of the Analgesia Nociception Index Monitoring in Patients Who Undergo Colonoscopy with Sedo-Analgesia

Another informative publication, which demonstrates how ANI (Analgesia Nociception Index) can reduce the amount of remifentanil during Colonoscopies compared to standard practice, improving the safety of the procedure. Objective monitoring methods are suggested to be used to avoid possible unwanted effects of anesthesia medication and to apply sufficient doses tailored for individual patients. Opioid consumption… View Article
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Another successful webinar

We had the pleasure of listening to innovative, new ideas in our recent Webinar about the relationship between Heart Rate Variability and COVID19 disease from Prof. Jan Paul Mulier, the sedation approach and how ANI may help in COVID19 patients by Dr. Rafael Badenes and the prognosis value of ANI in these patients by Dr…. View Article
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ANI in the ICU

Heart rate variability is a very useful way to assess the Autonomous nervous system (ANS) of your patients. ANS is the sorce of life and measuring it in the ICU will allow you to take control of physiological stress. ANI (Analgesia Nociception Index) is based on HRV that will guide you through your analgesic treatment and… View Article
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Our new website is now live!

Visit us and experience a refined look, structure, and navigation with a newly revamped logo. Our mission is to deliver excellent quality, performance, and service across the healthcare industry. The new website is crafted with user focus functionality. It’s part of our continuous growth to enhance and provide innovative technology. The goal is to create… View Article
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MDoloris Medical systems’ 10 Years Birthday

MDoloris Medical Systems celebrates 10 years of life this month! We are proudly delighted to achieve this impressive milestone. So many years of dedication, passion, and growth! Our appreciation goes to each of the team members that have contributed to our success.
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A successful turnout the first webinar for MDoloris Medical Systems

A successful turnout to our first webinar in Spanish, with over 500 attendees! Led by Dr. Javier García Fernández, Dr. Carlos Chamorro and Dr. Cristian Aragón Benedí. The webinar addressed how ANI may help clinicians during a Covid19 patient’s stay in ICU. Dr. Chamorro discussed the need for good analgosedation during the mechanical ventilation process…. View Article
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1st US study for the HVFI

With his study “High-Frequency Heart Rate Variability Index: A Prospective, Observational Trial Assessing Utility as a Marker for the Balance Between Analgesia and Nociception Under General Anesthesia“, Dr. A.Anderson is the first doctor to study and publish about the HFVI in the US. We are excited and proud to get this first publication out there. If… View Article
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