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SEDAR Congress 2023, Seville, Spain


Euroanaesthesia 2023, Glasgow, Scotland


ASA, Philadelphia, PA

13th British-Ukrainian Symposium

Watch Dr. Yuriy Kobeliatsky, Chairman of the Board of the Ukrainian Association of Anesthesiologists, at the 13th British-Ukrainian Symposium. Here, he discussed monitoring of nociception during anesthesia and provided a lecture on how ANI can be an effective tool for the evolution of anesthetic management and controlling a patient’s vital functions intraoperatively. This predicts hemodynamic… View Article
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11 NIPEs in Poland by WOSP

Our NIPE (Newborn Infant Parasympathetic Evaluation) technology is now available in another 11 institutions in Poland. Thanks to the cooperation with Promed S.A. (Wojciech Pasynkiewicz, Sylwia Antoniuk, Monika Jakubowska), our local business partner, and the WOSP, “a public benefit organization for children that helps purchasing state-of-the-art equipment for Polish hospitals and clinics”, our presence in Poland grows to one of the strongest in the… View Article
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SEDAR Congress

We are pleased to invite you during the XXXV Congreso Nacional de secciones SEDAR, to the seminar given by Dr. Mari Luz Pindado Martínez: “Intraoperative Pain or Inflammation? Multimodal Analgesia, Autonomic Nervous System and Monitoring with ANI”. We are waiting for you! Day: Tuesday, October 5 Time: 15-15.45h (Madrid) Tenemos el placer de invitaros, en… View Article
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If you cannot measure it, you cannot control it

If we think about the pain process (transduction, transmisión, modulation, and perception), as the last step is missing in uncouncioussness, then we may realise that if a patient is unconscious, then, pain is not possible to occur. So analgesia is not needed. In another way, we could even say that classical hypnotic drugs like propofol… View Article
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Webinar – Meet the expert – Managing stress and inflammation during anesthesia

Great webinar organized by Arseus Medical with Dr. Jan Paul J Mulier and CMO Ignacio Gonzalez Campos. The attendees had the opportunity to learn comprehensively about managing stress and inflammation and how using heart rate variability as a way to measure the autonomic nervous system using the ANI monitor allows us to accurately monitor the patients’ condition during anesthesia. Watch… View Article
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Webinar: Monitoring nociception in veterinary anesthesia

We are happy to invite you to the next online webinar in Spanish on monitoring nociception in veterinary anesthesia with Dr. Ignacio Sández Cordero. Tenemos el placer de invitaros al próximo seminario online sobre monitorización de la nocicepción en anestesia veterinaria a cargo del Dr. Ignacio Sández Cordero. Os esperamos a todos! Date: June 7th, 2021 Time: 7pm… View Article
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Monitorización de la nocicepción en anestesia veterinaria con PTA

Thanks to Dr. Ignacio Sández Cordero for his fantastic webinar on monitoring nociception and control of the autonomic nervous system with PTA in veterinary anesthesia. During the session, we were able to understand the importance of controlling and measuring the autonomic response, and how it allows much more objective management of the analgesic drugs that… View Article
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Euronews GME Interview

Watch this brief interview on Euronews with our Chef Medical Officer, Ignacio Gonzalez Campos, on a study that was conducted in La Paz hospital in Madrid lead by Dr. Francisco Reinoso Barbero, chief of the Anesthesia Department and founder of the first Pediatric Pain Unit in Spain in 1997 on the effects of the use of video games in… View Article
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Machine learning based method for the evaluation of the Analgesia Nociception Index

A research was conducted on the analysis of the information provided by ANI as a valuable tool to replicate the actions of the anesthesiologist in remifentanil analgesia. The results of this research evidenced that including information about the minimum values of ANI together with the hemodynamic information outperformed the decisions made regarding only non-specific traditional signs… View Article
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