Based on the results obtained from the ANI technology on the monitoring of non-communicating adults patients,3 more years of research and development were necessary to give birth to the NIPE index (Newborn Infant Parasympathetic Evaluation). The NIPE technology enables the evaluation of the parasympathetic part of the Autonomic Nervous System of newborns, from premature to the age of 2 years, from the electrocardiogram provided by the multi parametric monitor.

The FIRST comfort assessment monitoring system for neonates

The NIPE technology enables an objective and continuous measurement of the parasympathetic component of the Autonomous Nervous System in babies and young infants. The unique technology has efficacy proven to work with extremely premature babies from around 26 weeks gestation through to infants up to two years of age and is based on the electrocardiogram taken from the patient monitor in use.

The level of parasympathetic tone is correlated to the infant’s discomfort and wellbeing, giving an objective measure.

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Our technologies are used by top physicians around the world in both OR and ICU settings

Dr. Héctor Boix

Thanks to NIPE we have an objective parameter to assess stress in our neonatal ICUs.

Dr. Héctor Boix

Neonatal Researcher at Hospital Vall d’Hebron Barcelona

Dr. Francisco Reinoso Barbero

NIPE is an excellent intraoperative tool for pediatric anesthesiologists who assist neonates and infants. NIPE device allow us not only to confirm the efficacy of regional blocks but also titrate analgesic drugs like opiates, dexmedetomidine while tailoring hypnotic agents, achieving a very early and comfortable extubation in these very young patients.

Dr. Francisco Reinoso Barbero

Chief of Anesthesia of Anesthesiology Department Hosptal La Paz, Madrid

Scientific Evidences

NIPE is better than HR to detect nociception and useful to titrate analgesia in the OR

  • Weber, F., et al. (2019). The Heart Rate Variability-Derived Newborn Infant Parasympathetic Evaluation (NIPE™) Index in Pediatric Surgical Patients From 0 to 2 Years Under Sevoflurane anesthesia-A Prospective Observational Pilot Study. Paediatr Anaesth, 29 (4), 377-384 / LEARN MORE

NIPE is better than EDIN scale , pulseoximetry to detect the effect of skin to skin contact

  • “NIPE is better than EDIN scale , pulseoximetry to detect the effect of skin to skin contact” – Butruille, L., et al. (2017). Impact of Skin-To-Skin Contact on the Autonomic Nervous System in the Preterm Infant and His Mother. Infant Behav Dev, 49, 83-86 / LEARN MORE

NIPE is better than scales to detect prolongued pain in NICU

  • “NIPE is better than scales to detect prolongued pain in NICU” –Buyuktiryaki, M., et al. (2018). Evaluation of Prolonged Pain in Preterm Infants With Pneumothorax Using Heart Rate Variability Analysis and EDIN (Échelle Douleur Inconfort Nouveau-Né, Neonatal Pain and Discomfort Scale) Scores. Korean J Pediatr, 61 (10), 322-326 / LEARN MORE


Use of the NIPE technology on neonates – ANI technology

NIPE on 18-month-old toddler